"Chuck is one of the industry's most creative and talented designers.  His work is phenomenal.  His work ethic, integrity, follow-through, reliabiltiy and professionalism are top notch.  He has been an invaluable resource for our business."

- Jim Hollen, CEO, Rich Ltd, USA

"Chuck has a 'can do' attitude, can balance input from multiple sources, and has experience that ensures creative output is set to a premium standard.  He always goes that extra mile.  I highly recommend Chuck as an highly competent, diligent and professional Designer.”

- Jeremy, head of Creative Design, Creative Instore Solutions, Australia


"The ideas Chuck came up with really opened our eyes.  Our business is successful, but with his ideas and concepts we are much more successful.  Choosing the right designer was the crucial step we took toward establishing the look and feel that we really wanted.
In our field, it is most important to have someone who actually understands how we can relate to our customers.  Chuck is the perfect choice for us.  He understands the complexities of image, brand, culture, and he’s totally ‘switched-on’ with our unseen cliental.
Image and information tread a fine line between success and failure.  Chuck’s ability to balance this line and the way he provides quality deliverables is amazing"

- Steven Chao, CEO, Cermark, USA